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Football ‘GAMES’ Development Centres

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Football ‘Games’ Development Centre, a key part of McDonald’s new four year Community Partnership with the Irish FA.
This initiative is part of a comprehensive new programme to develop participation in,and support of, grassroots football in Northern Ireland. As Official Community Partner of the four UK Football Associations, McDonald’s provide a range of programmes designed to support coaching, encourage participation and celebrate those who make grassroots football possible. These programmes will seek to coach another one million children, support 400,000 volunteers, train an additional 30,000 coaches and support 6,000 football clubs by 2014 – providing more football opportunities for all.
The value of a McDonald’s Football ‘Games’ Development Centre is to provide children (6-12 years old) with an opportunity to showcase their newly acquired skills and creativity. The small-sided games model is an effective method for developing ball skills and game awareness because it increases opportunities for players to have contact with the ball and to both attack and defend without the tactical regimentation that can occur in 11 v 11 football. Competition is a central element in a player’s development. However a competitive environment should not be a result-orientated environment. A competitive environment at this level should encourage decisions from players and coach alike that focus on performance rather than outcome (favouring ball skills and inventiveness). Remember none of these children are professional football players. As such, they are out there because they love the competition and the game of football. Let them have fun and let the coaches do their jobs. Finally we would be grateful if all parents/ guardians do not coach from the sidelines and please view games from the opposite side of the pitch from the coaches and inside the designated spectator area. I hope you find this information leaflet useful and if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Ian Stewart

McDonalds Games Development Centres Co-ordinator,
Irish Football Association,
Unit B, Adelaide Business Centre
4 Apollo Road, BELFAST BT12 6HP

Telephone: 028 90 684710